What We’re Doing

We both liked the idea of buying a military truck and converting it to the ultimate camping/off road truck. We found this expansible van truck in SC and decided to dive right in.

After purchasing the truck and making the trek to SC from Birmingham, AL, the idea of converting this into the ultimate tailgating truck entered the picture. With much thought and countless discussions, we took the fork in the road and decided on doing something we had never seen done. We chose the tailgating truck.

We both live in Birmingham, AL and the presence of Alabama fans is not lacking. With one of the largest tailgating scenes in college football, what better team to go with than the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

We setup this site to document the process and share all that we’ve learned. We hope the site answers any questions you may have about the truck; but if not, please leave a comment or visit the contact page and ask.

Thanks for stopping by.