Truck Specs

The truck is a 1984 6×6 5 ton military truck, featuring a Cummins 250 with Allison transmission. This truck was purchased in 1984 by the U.S. Government for $135,122 ($310,370 in 2015 dollars).

The truck has about 1,300 miles on it with total running time of about 1,100 hours. The engine was rebuilt in 2010 by Red River Army Depot, but the 1,300 represents total miles on the truck. All fluids have been recently changed.

The tires appear to be new and comes with an unused full-size spare.

The body is 17′ long and expands to 14′ wide. Overall length of the truck is 30′ with width of 8′. The truck has an 80 gallon diesel fuel tank.

Exterior features

We mounted a 5,000 watt Ingersoll Rand generator to the passenger side frame. The generator powers the entire truck with no issue.

We have reinforced the roof to make way for a party deck, complete with artificial turf, collapsible safety railing and a fold up ladder in the rear.

The truck is decorated with a variety of Alabama graphics. The sides feature the round Alabama Crimson Tide logo measuring 48″ in diameter. The doors have the Alabama A measuring 24″ in height. The engine hood contains the Alabama elephant head logo measuring 42″ wide while the front bumper reads “Roll Tide” on each side. Above the cab we have added the Alabama Crimson Tide wordmark logo measuring 42″ wide. The back doors read “Roll Tide” with two flags hanging from each side.

Interior features

The interior features 238 sq. ft. of space when expanded (112 sq. ft. when collapsed). There are 3 cabinets, 2 with 3 drawers each and 1 with a door. The top drawer of the middle cabinet features a 3 burner propane stove. The cabinet on the left contains a mini fridge. The countertop for the cabinets is reclaimed from the original countertops in the truck and have been refinished and retrofitted to the new design.

Above the cabinets, we have built an entertainment center that houses a Vizio 43″ 4k smart TV with soundbar and subwoofer. There are 5 open shelves to house any electronics you should need while tailgating.

Ports have been added to pass audio and video to the exterior of the truck so you can setup additional TVs and speakers outside.

Between the cabinets and entertainment center, there is an LG air conditioning unit capable of keeping the interior ice cold on the hottest of days.

The breaker box on the interior powers all appliances, lights and outlets. No wires to run from the generator. Simply plug into any of the 12 outlets.