Installing a New Generator

The 5,000 watt Ingersoll Rand generator we initially put on the truck worked great, with one exception…it was loud. Like really loud. Loud enough to irritate one woman last year on the set of ESPN GameDay. I think her words were, “THANK THE LORD!” when we finally shut it off after the show.

So, we decided to put a smaller, and quieter, generator on the truck for the set this year. We used this generator when we went to Talladega and it worked like a champ! We ran it for 2 solid days and it never even whimpered. It’s a 4,000 watt Predator generator and is about half as quiet as the IR generator.

The only issue we ran into with the Predator generator was the fuel tank had to be filled from the left side, right under the box of the truck. So naturally, we removed the fuel tank and and turned it around. About a $27 job in parts but totally worth it.

Here are a few pictures of the swap.

Swapping Ingersoll Rand generator with Predator

Predator 4,000 watt generator

Predator generator installed